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Top 10 Video Game Guns

Top 10 Video Game Guns

There are a lot of signature weapons in games.  Guns in games are probably the most prolific genre there is.  Picking the right weapon can make all the difference.  With all the endless choices, we tried to find weapons that were either iconic for a game or character, or weapons that are unique enough to be noticed by gamers when they come back for seconds.  After all, most every gamer has a…

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The Europa Mystery: Part 4

The Europa Mystery: Part 4

Of the very few things I perceived when I was in cryogenic hibernation, one of them was a dream.
I was running.  Running for all I was worth.  Lucas wasn’t far behind.  There were explosions and shouting all around us.  I was wearing the same kind of suit that I was wearing in the dream I had of being underwater.  The world around me was perceived through a visor that she was seeing through, and…

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The Tiny Light

So long it seems
So long ago
We met and forgot
Forgot one-another

We found each other
Once again, years later
So tiny, so unique
I knew at once, and I cared

A new friendship
So different from all the others
Unlike nothing I’ve ever felt before
I felt so alive, with her

Time passed
The friendship grew
The bond became stronger
Yet also strange

We’re so different
So unlikely
Those few things in common

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2014: The Year of Religious Film

2014: The Year of Religious Film

I just did a review of the latest in this year’s interesting string of films that are all about religion.  All of these films seem to have a defining feature – they are almost all about how religion is so persecuted.  Neat fact, that was the title of the last film I reviewed – Persecuted.  A film that is so blatant with its message that it even got Gretchen Carlson to come on and do a fake news…

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Top 10 Openly Gay Characters of Childhood Fiction (that we never noticed were gay)

Top 10 Openly Gay Characters of Childhood Fiction (that we never noticed were gay)

You ever notice as a kid that there were some characters who were a little off?  You noticed little things about them that made you think that they were different.  Then, as you get older you look back and you realize – I get it!  Not all of these character decisions were intentional.  I doubt that we will ever know which ones are and which ones aren’t.  Some of these characters are old, some are…

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Lucien’s Review: Persecuted

Lucien’s Review: Persecuted

PERSECUTED - In theaters July 18th.  (PRNewsFoto/One Media LLC)Before my friend sent me this movie, I hadn’t even heard of it.  This film.  The fucking movie.  Oh my god.  What a treat.  What an absolute treat.  This is the best bad movie that I have ever seen!  For real, this movie is just awesome!  It’s literally the most blatant propaganda for right-wing Christianity that I have enjoyed watching.  In case you don’t believe that, they even got Gretchen…

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The Europa Mystery: Part 3

The Europa Mystery: Part 3

I’ve never been a fan of offworld shuttles.  The g-forces are always sucking me back into my seat.  With inertial dampeners, it’s gotten a lot better.  I can’t imagine what it would be like to be one of the old-school astronauts who used to be put in a machine to make them go in a circle until they threw up.  Seriously, what sick bastard does that to a person?
In any case, we get out of the…

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PZ Meyers, Jaclyn Glenn and the lack of Free Thought

PZ Meyers, Jaclyn Glenn and the lack of Free Thought

For those who are unaware, I have been an outspoken opponent of a movement called Atheism +, which decided that atheism should no longer be about simply not believing in a deity, but also must be about social issues, angry and passionate “click-tivism” and having those within the atheist community fight amongst themselves.  And anyone who says differently is a misogynist.  Or, if they are a…

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The Failed Apartment

We’re sitting here, waiting for our dinner to finish cooking.  It’s just some fries that we got from the freezer section of the store, but it’s food.  Gotta love being poor, right?  Watching Breaking Bad and waiting for a friend to come over so I can shoot the shit for a while and forget about how unbelievably lonely this apartment is when my roommate is gone.  She’s at her ex’s place, where she…

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