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He Has Risen Today!

He Has Risen Today!

To all my viewers, I just wanted to wish you a Happy Easter!  We are celebrating the rise of our savior, through whom all of us are saved.  Only through him do you gain entrance into paradise.  Only through him do you get into the favor of the Almighty.  Only through him do you reach the paradise where all is great and you can live in happiness forever.  Easter BunnyYes, it is only through our savior, the…

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Top 10 God of War (Series) Executions

Top 10 God of War (Series) Executions

The God of War franchise was one of the coolest and most epic games ever.  It played like a Greek tragedy, except with more blood and boobs.  Well, okay, maybe more blood.  Greek mythology did love its boobs and sex.  Still, these games were awesome, combining cool characters, cool worlds and AWESOME combat to create an epic trilogy that will always be remembered fondly for how badass it was. …

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You Do NOT Have PTSD! (A Response to Melody Hensley)

You Do NOT Have PTSD! (A Response to Melody Hensley)

It isn’t often that I am utterly offended by something.  I can be annoyed, I can be perplexed, I can be many things.  Totally and completely offended is a rare one.  But I have come across something that has completely offended me, to the point where I am interrupting what I was doing in order to rail on it, because it deserves to be railed on.  I wrote in a previous post about how PC culture is…

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Video Game Confessions: Jack

Video Game Confessions: Jack

Being a journalism major, and a future journalist, suffice it to say that I get around.  In my travels, I have met some of the most insane characters!  These are the kinds of people that most nerds only dream of seeing, and I have gotten to meet, in the flesh.  And, seeing as how it is late, there is soft jazz music playing, and I am feeling all deep and introspective, I thought that I would tell…

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Why No Video Game Heroines? (A Respone to Time Magazine)

Why No Video Game Heroines? (A Respone to Time Magazine)

Yet-again, I come across another article in Time Magazine that perplexes me in how it seems to totally ignore a viable example of something that they are targeting that actually diminishes their position.  In this case, it’s a growing trend of female heroines in teen films.  Their position was that this growing trend says a lot about the changing attitudes of society and film.  However, as…

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Top 10 Worst Video Game to Film Adaptations

Top 10 Worst Video Game to Film Adaptations

I made a post not too long ago talking about why the movie that Sony recently announced based on the nigh-perfect game The Last of Us is going to suck (linked here), and it got me to thinking about something.  I genuinely believe that none of the great video games that I love could be made into good films.  Video games are a medium that, while it often aims for being cinematic, is so much more. …

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SIONL: Wolf’s Rain

SIONL: Wolf’s Rain

Wolf's RainOne of my favorite anime of all time is the series Wolf’s Rain.  The brilliantly-told tragic story about a group of the last Wolves, trying in vain to reach Paradise.  It is a poignant and heart-breakingly sad tale of loss, loneliness and the cost of living.  However, unlike most shows, this one is very divisive.  People either love or hate it.  The reason they love or hate it is because this is…

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SIONR/L: Batman: Arkham Knight Might Suck (but I hope not)

SIONR/L: Batman: Arkham Knight Might Suck (but I hope not)

Up-front, I love the Arkham games.  They finally gave me a video game that made me feel like the Bat.  I even love Origins, which has gotten shit on by a ton of people.  Though, I admit, the reason I love it is Troy Baker’s performance as the Joker.  He nailed it so flawlessly that it did Mark Hamill’s Joker proud.  For real, he took all his cues from that, and it was so awesome.  It was a great…

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Real Catholic TV: Reloaded

Real Catholic TV: Reloaded

Anyone who has been following this blog from my early days probably remembers Real Catholic TV and their totally insane host, Mike Voris.  These people are totally insane Catholics who have an unbelievably bigoted approach to life, women and people like me – godless heathens.  I haven’t done a post going after these loony-tunes in a while, and I kind of missed them.  Their videos are so crazy…

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