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Lucien’s First Take: Fantasia: Music Evolved

Lucien’s First Take: Fantasia: Music Evolved

For those of you who don’t know, my favorite Disney film is also my second favorite film of all time.  It was my favorite film up until I saw The Sky Crawlers and 5 Centimeters Per Second, which are now tied for the top slot.  This was the first Disney film that I ever saw.  It was what got me so in love with music.  I LOVE that film.  It has such resonance with me that if you sit my ass in front…

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No Industry is Above Corruption (A Response to Gaming Journalism)

No Industry is Above Corruption (A Response to Gaming Journalism)

There was a time not too long ago that I used to very avidly watch MSNBC and CNN to take in news.  I would follow The New York Times and other news groups, but those people seemed to be my favorites.  I was young and naive and was just going to college in the Journalism and Public Communication program and didn’t truly understand just how corrupt modern news had become.  However, the moment a…

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SIONR: Rise of the Tomb Raider is Xbox One Exclusive?! WTF?!

SIONR: Rise of the Tomb Raider is Xbox One Exclusive?! WTF?!

I remember when I saw this topic on a couple of Facebook posts, and I thought to myself – no way.  Crystal Dynamics and Square Enix cannot be this stupid.  To make the sequel to the amazing reboot of Tomb Raider exclusive to one console would be the biggest marketing fail since always-online DRM.  However, as it turns out, stupidity and corporate greed do go hand in hand.

I went on to my YouTube…

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Top 10 Fictional Teachers

Top 10 Fictional Teachers

Well, with school just around the corner, I thought that I would pay some lip service to the fictional teachers who we all got to know and come to love so well.  Those teachers who either brought something funny, absurd, insightful or educational into the world of their students and made them all better for it.  Now, I couldn’t restrict this to any one genre, but I am saying this – only one…

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Living With Depression, and Getting Up Each Day

Living With Depression, and Getting Up Each Day

I’ve been thinking about the death of Robin Williams.  Where once he was an amazing actor, making me, my family and my friends laugh, he battled some very hard depression.  It got me to thinking about my own life.  I’m also able to crack a good joke or a smartass quip that puts a smile on people’s face.  And like Williams, I battle some pretty hardcore depression.  It’s something that I’ve been…

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Lucien’s Retro Review: Hook

Lucien’s Retro Review: Hook

HookThis is something that I had been pondering doing for some time, and the recent and horribly tragic death or Robin Williams has motivated me into action.  I thought it would be fun to, every once-in-a-while, do a review of an older movie that I totally loved, or got to thinking about, and get to see what you all thought about it too.  For real, let me know in the comments section what you think…

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My Letter of Thanks, to Lady Luck and Life Itself

My Letter of Thanks, to Lady Luck and Life Itself

Dear Lady Luck, and Life too, while we’re at it,

How’s it going?  Doing well?  You’ve been going on or billions of years, so I guess so.  Oh, me?  Well, I’m actually doing pretty shitty, no thanks to you.  I finally got closure on a relationship that I lost.  It finally came to an official end.  I got the usual “I still love you” thing, as she closed the door and that was that.  Can we still be…

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SIONR: Insultingly-Stupid Adaptation Movies (like The Lorax and The Giver)

SIONR: Insultingly-Stupid Adaptation Movies (like The Lorax and The Giver)

There are some people who always get really excited when they see that an adaptation of their favorite books is being made into a film.  I learned long ago to temper my expectations quite a bit.  Many years of disappointment and bitter resentment on my part has told me that hoping for a good adaptation is like hoping for the sun to shine in technicolor.  It’s just not going to happen, unless we…

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Lucien’s First Take: Terror in Resonance

Lucien’s First Take: Terror in Resonance

Terror in ResonanceSo, here’s a new segment where I give my first impressions on new TV shows, anime or even book series that I find.  These are usually done when the show first comes out or when I see it.  I might also expand this to include video game and movie trailers.  Actually, yeah, that”s what I’m going to do.  I hope you all enjoy.

Anyway, today’s topic is a new series by the ingenious creator of Cowboy…

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Feminists Attacking Women? (A Response to Rebecca Brink)

Feminists Attacking Women? (A Response to Rebecca Brink)

Here’s something to know about judging a group of people – you cannot judge it based on the best that it has to offer.  I got into an argument today with a friend about a meme I put on my Facebook page that was a George Carlin joke about why we can’t have the Ten Commandments up at places of government – because it would create a hostile work environment for all the judges, politicians and…

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